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Cecil Gee Wood composes music with posterity in mind. Adult Contemporary meets pop, rock, ballad, country and the blues to produce songs for the future with roots in the past.

Meaningful lyrics, emotional content, strong melody and mindful of classic hits. Inspired by the people that shape and influence our lives and forever grateful to my Muse. Great respect to Tom Waits as one of those people.

Peace, politics, love and life’s challenges play their part as subject matter.
Achievements to date:
Publishing deal with Leopard Music- 2014 ( 2 songs)
Publishing deal with Panama Music Ltd – 2012 (1 song)
Finalist – Tipperary Peace Convention Song Contest- 2010 ( 1 song)
Semi-finalist in the UK Songwriting Competition- 2010 (3 songs)
Semi-finalist in the UK Songwriting Competition- 2009 (3 songs)

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